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The Three Phase System

The Betty Baxter program offers three calorie levels to help you lose weight in a way that is best suited to your body type.  No other weight management program has this unique three phase approach.  Some people have higher calorie requirements than others so our program and our pharmacy based consultants take into consideration factors such as your height , whether you are male or female and your current activity / exercise levels when recommending the right phase to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Hop (Phase One)

1st Step for most Women:  As a general rule, women start on this phase which has the lowest calorie count. The program recommends two meal replacements a day, a healthy range of fresh, low GI and whole foods (lean meats, fish, chicken, vegetables, fruit, nuts) 30 minutes of exercise and a minimum 2litres of water per day to minimise dehydration.

Skip (Phase Two)

1st Step for Men and 2nd Step for most Women:  A slightly higher calorie diet with all the benefits of hop while introducing wholegrains. Some women start on this phase based on their BMR reading during the initial consultation (the calculation of how many calories your body needs as a base metabolic rate, based on your height, weight and age). The higher calorie level is also suitable for most men.  Most women move to this phase when they have lost the majority of their unwanted weight and until they reach their ideal body composition and weight loss goals. This phase adds to the calorie, exercise, hydration levels and range of foods allowed in the Hop phase.

Jump (Phase Three)

2nd Step for Men and 3rd Step for Women:  This phase bulids on what you have learned so far, and includes a wide range of food options to help you create good habits, and stabilise and maintain your healthy body weight. Once you have achieved your desired weight our Jump phase helps you learn better food choices to help you maintain your weight loss long term.

Everyone is individual and there is a phase on the Betty Baxter program to suit you.  See your BB User Guide for more detailed information on the Three Phase Program. 

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