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BB Superstars - Weight Loss Results

Below are just a few weight loss success stories resulting from the Betty Baxter Program.

Clare Weight Loss

Janet - Had lost an amazing 58 kilos when this photo was taken. She has now lost 65kg and is still losing weight. 

Congratulations Janet!

“Thanks to the Betty Baxter, my life has turned around. I’ve lost a lot of weight that I had been carrying around for years. The program has given me so much self confidence and I feel like part of the community again.  The support from my consultants and people in the community has been amazing. I don’t feel awkward anymore in my appearance, I used to wear big clothes to hide behind and I don’t have to do that anymore." 

"Betty Baxter is a great program to be on as it combines the shakes and eating fresh vegetables and fruit as well as snacks, which means I am not feeling hungry and I can still enjoy eating.  I feel a lot healthier and fitter since I started the program and I will continue to stay on the program until I reach my goal of 100kg.  I walk everyday and I am pleased with the activities I can do now since losing the weight.”

Clare Weight Loss

Clare  - Lost 37 kilos, she's kept it off for over 2 years

When I joined Betty Baxter and I was a size 22. I'm now a size 12. Before I lost my weight I wouldn't go to the pool but now I am swimming in competitions and am really enjoying myself. I have a new found confidence and nothing can stop me now!

For the first time ever I feel beautiful and am proud to wear my size 12 clothes!!

I'm now working as a Betty Baxter Consultant and I love to encourage and inspire others. It is great to see their confidence build just like mine did.

Anthony Weight Loss

Anthony - Lost 23 kilos

Before Betty Baxter I used to eat a lot of takeaway meals, but now I eat healthy foods five to six times a day. I'm also learning to change my cooking style to add lots of the right types of vegetables.

Losing 23 kilos I feel so different. I have so much more energy. I take the stairs instead of the lifts and I now go to the gym and run with my work mates. Something I haven't done in years.

Before I would wear loose clothing and hide myself. Now I wear tight clothes and show off my body, it really has given back my life.

Wendy Weight Loss

Wendy - Lost 40 kilos

I was a size 22 and I'm now down to a size 10 or 12. I've lost 40kgs and I feel like a new person, like I've come alive.

I tried other weight loss programs and they didn't work well for me. I visited my local pharmacy, asked them about the program and was pleasantly surprised with how much I could eat. And the other great thing is my grocery bill has dropped because I'm no longer wasting food. My asthma and diabetes conditions have also improved dramatically.

Celise Weight Loss

Celise - Lost 22 kilos, she's kept it off for over 16 months

I’ve lost 22kg and I’ve never felt more confident.

I used to be your typical yo yo dieter and I couldn’t find a weight loss program that I could stick to, or if I lost weight I would put it straight back on. I just found the Betty Baxter program so easy.

I received such great support from my BB consultant at my pharmacy. I didn’t want to let her down. My confidence has improved so much since being on the program I have even got a promotion at work.  Not to mention I also have a fiancé now!

Check out Celise's beautiful wedding photos on our BB Blog!!

Kirsty Weight Loss

Kirsty - Lost 36 kilos

I've lost 36kg and I feel better than ever before.

I've had a weight problem for most of my life and I've been on other diets before, but I always plateau or put the weight back on. I needed something that would help me long term. With Betty Baxter I learnt to use healthier options, like using 'good' oils and increasing the amount of salad and veges I eat every day.

My BB consultant was great to help me along the way. I loved the free consultations I received each week to help track my progress.

My husband & I started on the program together which has been a great support. Now we are ready to renew our wedding vows and get some photo's of the new us!



Adrian Weight Loss

Adrian - Lost 33 kilos

I've lost 33kg and I'm feeling more confident than I have before. The best part for me was the convenience of the program. I find it easy to follow and I enjoy the variety of foods I can eat that don't leave me hungry.

With my new found confidence I really just enjoy going out and living life more. I spend so much more time with my friends and family which has brought me to life again. I recently went on a trip to Europe which I never had the confidence to do before I lost the weight.

Kirsty Weight Loss

Robein - Lost 17 kilos

The Betty Baxter program has been a real lifestyle change for me. I've learnt so much about what foods are good for me and how they make me feel. And the results speak for themselves. I've never felt so good!

I must say there are so many great food options, I was never hungry on the program. I was also pleasantly surprised with all the tasty foods and snacks I can have. All of which I can find at my local supermarket.

The bet thing about losing the weight is that I've really enjoyed inspiring others. I live in a small town Yass, and the recognition I've received has really built my confidence.


Leah Weight Loss

Leah - Lost 40 kilos

I’ve lost 40kg in just under nine months!  

I can’t get over how simple the BB program is.  I found that going into see Tania, my trained

BB pharmacy consultant, every week taught me what I needed to do to succeed.  BB really does work and, because the program focuses on healthy weight loss, you learn that it’s all about losing body fat, not just about how much you weigh. It’s easy to follow, there’s great real food as well as yummy meal replacements, and it’s not expensive.  

Tania says that my self-confidence has grown and I look fabulous.  I can honestly say Betty Baxter has changed me in so many great ways… and I think my new boyfriend would agree!

Natalie Weight Loss

Natalie - Lost 15 kilos

I lost 15kgs in 5 months.

I can’t believe how much healthier and more energetic I feel now, even with two small children.

I feel so much more confident and love being able to fit into more clothing and wear them with pride.

When I began the program, I was beginning to find it difficult to shop in the usual clothing shops due to being a larger size. Now my black pants are doubled over at the front and I need to wear a belt to keep them up!
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