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The Betty Baxter Program

At Betty Baxter, we’ve watched as a lot of diet and weight control products have flooded the market over the years, each claiming to be the definitive solution to people’s weight loss needs. The one thing that has stood out to us is that most of these products are designed to get rapid, fast acting, short term results. What they don’t do is provide a platform from which people can build lasting and sustainable weight loss over the long term.

The Betty Baxter Complete Weight Management system has sustainability as a key premise and foundation concept.

Our goal is to help you change your life for the long term, not to see you yo-yoing back and forth with weight issues because of the unrealistic nature of your weight loss product.  Because of this, our program doesn't rely on ketosis, like many other programs do, to generate your weight loss.  We focus on helping you lose body fat while learning better food choices, long term.

That's why Betty Baxter has found so many fans in such a short space of time. Our program is not about starvation, or about promoting rapid fluid loss to momentarily drop your weight. Our meal replacement shakes, soups and bars have been designed to taste great whilst at the same time offering reliable and gradual weight loss over the total period of their use.

Our products also taste like real food and not like liquid cardboard, as we've heard others described in comparison.  In fact, in our independent 'blind' taste tests, Betty Baxter was voted the best tasting weight loss shake and was consistently preferred when compared against competitor diet products.

You shouldn’t have to suffer through bland, uninteresting food options in order to lose weight, and you won’t if you choose to use Betty Baxter.

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