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The Betty Baxter Philosophy

The Betty Baxter philosophy was developed around the key principle that healthy weight management isn’t just about weight loss. It's about empowering and informing people about what really constitutes a healthy body, and providing them with the tools and support to reach and maintain their own personal healthy ideal body composition.

Betty Baxter members can receive support from pharmacy staff to help them understand and set individual health goals to achieve a healthy ideal body composition. We educate our members and monitor their progress towards their goal using a variety of key body composition indicators:

  • % and kg body fat
  • waist measurement
  • kg fat free mass
  • kg total body water {hydration}
  • BMI, and
  • kg total body weight

These indicators are monitored at recommended FREE weekly consultation sessions at our full consultancy pharmacies, using the most advanced bio-impedance scales associated with any current in-pharmacy weight management solution.

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